Ethical Sourcing

Kip Tik can support buyers, designers and brands looking to source products in Mexico, and through our network in Guatemala and Colombia.

We connect you directly with artisan groups who can not only deliver unique products, provide you with custom-made products and demonstrate real talent.

We offer our sourcing services in the following categories:

Accessories, Basketry, Ceramics, Sustainable local fibers, Fabric by the yard, Glassware, Home accessories, Lighting, Rugs, Wall art, Woven & Knits.


Product development

Developing new bespoke products in a different country can be not only a challenging experience but also expensive, when you do not have the right support and network in-country. We provide our expertise in the field, to buyers, brands, designers looking to develop innovative products in Mexico and Guatemala. 



We provide both businesses and brands support in:

Marketing & Story telling: Our team of creatives based between Mexico & Guatemala can help you create visually impactful story telling for your brand.

Operations & Development: We support businesses and brands looking to develop themselves in Mexico through market analysis, business and operational support.

Sustainability: Let's do a deep dive into your practices and production chain, and identify where we can offer more sustainable practices.